Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Laing Heads Back North

What comes to mind when you think of Canadian fashion? An endless list of models? The atrocity that is D2Squared? Well, contrary to popular belief, there is in fact a little more to us northerners than that (not much, but a little). Toronto-born Jeremy Laing has never been one for this city's L'Oreal Fashion Week, choosing instead to jump straight to the big leagues and stage his first runway show last September in New York. His fan base has been growing rapidly ever since, and he is often praised as one of the scene's most promising newcomers. Word on the street is that Holt Renfrew has been persuading Jeremy to host a one-off show down at a certain gallery downtown. I'm not sure when it's due to happen, but all I can say is that I better still be around town when it does...


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