Monday, May 7, 2007

Costume Institute Gala 2007

The Best and the Worst (so far...)

(Shalom Harlow in Viktor&Rolf, Camilla Belle in JPG, Mary- Kate Olsen in Giambattista Valli, Jennifer Connelly in Balenciaga)

1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...but what else is there to expect from Shalom Harlow?
2. Thank you, Camilla Belle, for proving that a pretty dress need not be a boring dress.
3. Oh Mary-Kate, you've stolen the show once again. Perfectly sophisticated, with a definite edge...and really, how many people can wear a floor-length dress coated in feathers and live to tell the tale?
4. I adored pretty much every dress in this collection, and though it's not quite as spectacular on Ms. Connelly, it definately hasn't lost all it's magic.


(Amanda Peet in Marc Jacobs, Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz in Dior, Kirsten Dunst)
1. A wrinkly satin mess amongst a room of couture gowns...not the greatest choice.
2. It's not as if I was holding my breath for something great (I don't want to suffocate here!), but this is just atrocious.
3. Why, why, WHY the turquoise?
4. I really hate to put Kirsten in the same category as Jessica Simpson, but the mounds of messy fabric give me no choice. To her credit, though, at least the colour is great.

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